TRAIN WHEN YOU WANT TO TRAIN - The patented POWAPASS machine is a fully remote controlled, portable, rechargeable football, soccer training device, changing the way players train. POWAPASS has been designed for solo training. This machine will improve the skills and confidence of players, and takes any size 4 or size 5 footballs. The POWAPASS is easy to use and helps to build confidence by allowing the users to receive repetitious balls 100's of times during a session. Coaches can now stand closer to the players guiding them through placement and technique all at the push of a button. Delivering a ball to the same spot over and over, to build on weakness in a players game, and improve confidence. The machine is fantastic for goalkeeper training, and with the addition of a swivel base, can ensure each ball is delivered in a random direction. We strongly recommend you use Powapass balls with this machine.

Take a look at the video, and see exactly why you, HAVE TO HAVE a POWAPASS machine.

+ Balls not supplied.

Shipping to East coast $90

Powapass Ball Machine | FREE delivery in Perth Metro