The Pro Trainer soccer ball machine is the Number ONE portable soccer ball serving machine in the world. You can’t find a better solution to serving balls efficiently. Other machines require hand loading of soccer balls, AC power to run them, or are bulky and hard to transport. The Pro Trainer goes where you train, can be loaded in your car, runs on battery, and provides hundreds of touches on the ball at each training session so your players develop great skills.

  • Battery operated, portable, efficient, and reliable in serving size four or size five soccer balls to your players for skill training.
  • Fits in the trunk of your car and wheels easily to your training location.We developed this machine and we train with it all year round.
  • Nothing gets the job done better when it comes to giving players game confidence after they have taken thousands of effective touches on the soccer ball with the Pro Trainer.

Pro Trainer - Automated Ball Machine

SKU: 4057283129863
Color: Black