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The facilities at The Football Academy, are quite literally second to none, anywhere in Australia. Our facility is the first custom built, indoor coaching and training facility for football/soccer in Australia. Because we have our own premises, we are able to use contemporary equipment, that is installed on site. Many coaches, who coach outdoors, are very limited with what they are able to do, as basically they can only transport cones, balls, and possibly a couple of pop up nets. At The Football Academy all our equipment is installed onsite, so we have actual goals, automated ball feeders, FitLight training systems, spin bikes to warm up on, and cool down on, net re-bounders, where passes are returned to you at different heights, speeds and angles, battle ropes, for upper body strength, balance pads…………. the list goes on and on. In addition, we also have a large air conditioned lounge for parents to wait in, with free charging stations for electrical devices. Refreshments are available too, whether that be bottled water or healthy snacks.


Our conditioning classes are also very popular. Open to players from all sports, these classes are a hard workout, working on strength, core stability, lateral movement, injury prevention and overall fitness.


Our most popular classes are Elite4. You train in a group of 4 players, working on technique, first touch, core stability, movement, and fitness. These classes are for serious footballers, aiming to improve.


WE have classes and sessions to suit all ages and abilities. Our Junior Development Classes are just that, formulated to develop junior players and help them work on their 4 core skills, namely; First Touch, striking the ball, 1 v 1 and running with the ball.


Elite 4 Classes are for groups of 4 players. These classes are 'full on' with the four players working hard, in an intense environment. If you want to accelerate your development, this is the way to go, hundreds of touches on the ball, a myriad of different drills and exercises, all carefully formulated, to develop and test aspiring footballers. Built into these classes is also a lot of strength and conditioning and fitness, so as well as enhancing your football skills, you will also be getting an excellent aerobic workout.

ONE ON ONE sessions are also available for serious, and budding footballers, here you work 1 on 1 with a coach in a high intensity session. If you are looking to go all the way and make it as a professional baller, then this is going to be a big help.


Striker Classes are for budding strikers, and work on touch, technique and shooting, these are always popular and book out very quickly each term. 


We also host Birthday Parties, all age groups are catered for, even adults. Dive onto our birthdays page for more information.


Court Hire is available most evenings too, get your friends together and have a full hour session.



Junior Development classes, several options to choose from depending on your age group. Click here for more


Elite4 Classes are groups of 4 players, who work in pairs, or individually. Classes are for players of NPL standard 


Enhance your skills in our Junior Dev session. This class is great for new players wanting to fast track their skills


1 ON 1 sessions are FULL ON Working on touch, vision, agility and decision making, these sessions are for YOU! 


Thank you for your form submission to The Football Academy. We appreciate your feedback.

The Football Academy

T: 0422 727 686

E: football@thefootballacademy.com.au

W: thefootballacademy.com.au